also known as “HEAVEN”

2017年4月12日更新 (英語版)



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iWARSIM v 4.2

version 4.2 Windows

version 4.2 Mac OSX

【testing environment】

Windows 7 Professional, 8.1, 10

Game Module file for iWARSIM


(VG) Flashpoint: Golan

(SPI) 5th Corps

(SPI) NATO Division Commander

(SPI) Cityfight

(MW) #6 Decision Iraq

(MW) #7 Snoopy’s Nose

(S&T) #283 Fail Safe

(S&T) #281 In Country

(S&T) #274 Sun never sets 2

(S&T) #273 Reichswehr & Freikorps

(S&T) #271 Second Kharkov

(S&T) #270 American Revolution

(S&T) #268 When Lions Sailed

(S&T) #267 Russain Civil War

(S&T) #265 Jubille

(S&T) #215 Ignorant Armies

(S&T) #209 Indochina

(VG) 7th Fleet

(VG) Vietnam 1965-1975

(AH) Breakout: Normandy

(AH) Anzio

Chess construction kit (zip 15KB)

iWARSIM is designed for playing wargames online. You can play the game alone or play with anyone connected on Internet.
Each wargame is provided as a separate module file. By loading modules, you can play any kind of wargame. For the current version,”Breakout: Normandy” and “Anzio” are provided as your testing module file.
From version 1.0, you can create your own wargame from scanned images just by dragging and dropping them on the iWARSIM’s map window. Once you drop image files, you are ready to play.

The advantage of iWARSIM is in it’s rich functionality and intuitiveness. I spent about eight months to develop the user interface alone.


Click and drag units over the map. iWARSIM will keep track with any complex move (combinations of movement). Yellow arrows indicate the course of the movements.

There is no recording button, for all of your movements of units are automatically recorded. Using the “Playback” pannel, you can playback the game when you finish it, or even during game play.

Relational-database is the core architecture of iWARSIM. “Save Play as…” allows you to save the gaming session on your hard disk. You can stop the game any time and play it back at any time.

You can share your movement data with any opponent players via FTP, e-mail, or USB storage device, When you click the”Out-going” button, the latest unsent data will be transferred to a predetermined location.

Unlimited numbers of Undo
There is no limit to the number of Undo’s and Redo’s. However, once you transfer data to your opponents during the session, all of your Undo data will be erased in order to prevent discrepancies. You can’t undo roll of dice, too.

iWARSIM uses only two file types. They are a game-module file (.gme) and a play file (.ply).
The game-module file is where the map board, counters and scenarios are stored. The play file stores not only the current status of the game but also all “history” including yours and any opponent players’.

Bug report button
Quick to send bug report to me.

More about iWARSIM

Maunal (English)

Manual (日本語)し

Manual2 (日本語)

History of development



2011 July


iWARSIM 2.8.4
2008 Spring

iWARSIM 2.0.2b
2007 Spring

iWARSIM 1.3.4
Sept 25 2005.

HEAVEN version 0.8
test on Windows XP

HEAVEN Beta 0.7
Screen shot

Movement, rotation, markers and pop-up menu for units on MacOS X.

HEAVEN Beta 0.4
Screen shot

The first map test in November 2004. Scroll, zoom, and sumbnail window were impremented.
(Windows 2000)

Download Video tutorial (Windows WMV file)